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06 November 2021, 09:30 PM

Sequential Flow : Origins of alignment

A talk by Donna Farhi

Through learning to initiate impulse from the ground and allowing this force to move unimpeded, we rediscover the organic origins of asana and its intimate relationship to the oceanic flow of the breath. As we learn how to use the ground as a springboard for movement, we begin the process of directing force clearly through the structure of the body, while keeping the joint spaces open and fluid. The ability to intelligently sequence force through the body is the foundation of what we call “alignment”; alignment of the structure of the body; alignment of the energetic pathways that support the movement of prana and breath and an ultimate alignment of the human being in relationship to ground, gravity and space.

Prop List for participants:

Yoga mat

2-3 blankets

1 yoga bolster (or a pillow)

Yoga block and belt

Bath towel

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